Habits: A Random Tuesday Morning, and Coffee Routine

Hey there, hi there, ho there. I’m feeling quite chipper this morning and it’s mainly because of caffeine. Thanks coffee!

But it’s not just because of caffeine. It’s also because I’ve been pretty great about taking care of my pre-caffeine morning self.

When I wake up, I have three things in mind: (1) get natural light exposure while avoiding electronic device-generated blue light (2) hydrate and (3) move.

I’ve stolen this routine from Aubrey Marcus. He details a great morning routine in his book “Own the Day” and ever since I’ve adopted his approach, my mornings have been much smoother and I’m much less reactive when under the influence of caffeine.

Why all this talk about coffee? Well, “coffee” is pretty much synonymous with “morning” here on Planet Earth, and you need to be able to healthily harness the power of coffee in order to have a successful work life.

This means instituting a type of pre-coffee ritual that supports a healthy relationship with coffee.

Coffee energizes, which is great, but it also dehydrates and depletes minerals. This is the balance that we have to be most aware of, I think, when crafting a pre-coffee ritual.

In order stay fluid, alert, and non-reactive under the influence of caffeine, try this protocol:

Daily, in the Morning:

(1) Hydrate (water with a sprinkle of sea-salt and a dash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar) and move your body (jumping jacks, push-ups, yoga, pull-ups, etc.)

(2) Breathe deeply in a box pattern for a count of 6 reps.

(3) Expose your eyes and skin to sunlight



(1) Supplement with a bio-available mineral compound like shilajit

(2) Epsom salt soaks for feet or whole-body to restore magnesium levels

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