Habits: Wednesday Morning Before Work

I wake up at 7:30. It’s dreary in San Francisco and I haven’t seen the sun for some time. I’d like to share the sunrise with the sun but the clouds and drear make it impossible.

I don’t eat. I drink a glass of water out of a pint glass, a vessel that I’m too familiar with. Coffee calls and I grab my books and pack and walk down Folsom and then to 4th Street and on to Peets Coffee Shop where I want nothing but the Medium Roast. Medium to avoid to burnt, dark oils of a dark roast. My brain seems to enjoy the caffeine more.

I’m reading Desert Solitaire this morning before diving into the day. A brief and pleasurable respite that’s sure to draw me back each morning. A pleasure offered to my body as payment for earlier and earlier mornings. A game we, I mean “I”, play.


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