Acupuncture and it’s Dependence on Circadian Biology, Grounding, and Morning Sun Exposure

Eastern Medicine Traditions –  like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda – offer Western Doctors and Researchers a useful template for understanding detailed Western Research in the context of the whole body.

Acupuncture is one of the most well-known Eastern Medicine Practices used in the Western World. I have deep respect for acupuncture, and I think it offers modern patients some useful tools for fixing modern ailments. But I do believe that acupuncture without the X factor is worthless. I’ll explain why I think this, and what the “X” factor is, but first let me introduce you to Dr. Jack Kruse…

Dr. Jack Kruse is becoming notorious for his I-give-no-fucks attitude and propagation of circadian biology as the leading link in health. He is leading the circadian charge in the face of the popularized Paleo food gurus, vegans, and other food gurus who have helped spread the idea that food matters. The food gurus brought their online communities to the understanding that food matters – and it does – but Jack Kruse is shaking the trees with his proposal that food details do not matter as much as we think they do, as long as your biology is properly coupled with the natural light cycles of the planet.

What does this have to do with Acupuncture? Everything!

Dr. Kruse speaks about a DC electric current created in the body when (1) DHA intake from seafood is high, (2) the body views the sunrise regularly (3) the body is connected to the earth and (4) when the body occasionally endures coldness. “The Body Electric” is a great place to start if you are not caught up on the idea of an electrical body.

Acupuncture functions on a similar electrical plane in the management of an electric life force called “qi.” I believe this “qi” to be the DC electric current that Dr. Jack Kruse speaks of. This current is a type of magnetic energy received through the earth in cooperation with the sun that – above all – supports the production of ATP from the mitochondria

Therefore, I believe Acupuncture to be completely dependent on properly function circadian rhythm. This is the “X” factor. The math looks like this, measured on a scale of No Success -> Success!!!

Acupuncture = No success

Acupuncture + Morning Sun Exposure = Success

Acupuncture + Morning Sun Exposure + Grounding = Success!

Acupuncture + Morning Sun Exposure + Seafood = Success!

Acupuncture + Morning Sun Exposure + Grounding + Seafood + = Success!!

Acupuncture + Morning Sun Exposure + Grounding + Seafood + Cold Exposure = Success!!!

For acupuncture to work effectively, you must have a biological, electric current for the practice to manipulate.

To create the current, you need the connection to the electrical sources in our environment: the earth and sun. I think you must live your mornings waking up when the sun rises, and your evenings turning out the blue lights when the sun goes down. I think you need to eat seafood and go barefoot near the ocean, in the park or in your backyard. Do these things, let these things change your life, and then if you still deal with chronic illness, I believe you may receive incredible results from acupuncture.

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